Empowering Institutions with AI-Driven Solutions

We are helping industries transform by streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and fostering innovation.

Engineered Datasets

We build AI for practitioners non-profits, social systems, religious institutions and every field that impacts the well being of humanity.

Ethical Frameworks

Our systems adapt to the tone, culture, and dialect of the user when necessary and can inform on cultural nomenclature.

Multidisciplinary Intergrations

Enable a seamless interface that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and problem solving within organizations.

AI Built to Spec.
Looking for a Supermodel?

We can train your A.I. to do just about anything. Sibyl develops custom solutions that boost your vision, deplete your workload, shred barriers to entry, and empower your mission.  

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    Any Industry
    We Can Build It. Ethically

    The applications of A.I. are endless, however, we focus on what is going to make the world truly a happier greener place. That means inclusion, low power consumption networks, and equal cultural collaboration. 


    An extremely capable model trained on volumes of secret teachings.

    Live and in continuous tuning for increased optimization and accuracy.

    Use Cases

    1. Precision Healing

    Our system can take into account unfathomable parameters and datapoints to aid users in healing a variety of traumas.

    2. Mental Health

    Conversational AI offers empathetic conversations and resources for mental well-being.

    3. Coaching

    Users gain a highly capable mentor that they grow to trust and rely on to provide unparalleled problem solving.


    An extremely capable model waiting for fine tuning.

    Pre-trained and available for increased optimization and accuracy.

    Use Cases

    1. Idea Generator

    Fine tune a model specifically for your style and brand then unleash it on generating new creatives.

    2. Writing Assistant

    Posts, emails, press releases, copy, and everything you will ever need to write is now available in moment.

    3. Artistic Inspiration

    Develop a deeper aesthetic around your brand with text-to-imaging and the ability to create as you speak.


    An extremely capable model waiting for fine-tuning.

    Live and in training for increased optimization and accuracy.

    Use Cases

    1. Personalize Learning

    Now you have the equivalent of the most intelligent mentor to personally serve you and your family.

    2. Linguistic Decoder

    Eliminate the language barrier with conversational A.I. in 55+ languages while maintaining the depth of the subject matter.

    3. Adaptive Learning

    Engage with your own personal model that learns you as it goes and adapts to your style, culture, and preferences.


    An extremely capable model waiting for fine tuning.

    Live and in training for increased optimization and accuracy.

    Use Cases

    1. Total Summarization

    Flatten and summarize all your business data including meetings, briefings, etc. moments after their creation.

    2. Repetitive Task Management

    Emails, Summaries, Syllabuses, Quizzes, Reports, Blog Posts, Articles, Ad Copy. Now all automated.

    3. Customer Support

    Train a model proficiently on your product, book, or course and provide your clients with AAA service.


    Fine Tuning.
    Private Models.
    Custom UIs. Oh My!

    We know what you want and we have it.
    We’ll build your custom AI, and maintain its integrity.


    Enterprise Offer*

    AI | Custom Model w/ UI
    • Privacy Option
    • Active Prompting
    • Active Maintenance

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    How long will it take?

    Fine tuned models can be created within days. User interface design for tailored solutions is where the time must be spent. On average 4 - 6 months.

    Is my data private?

    Sibyl offers both private and public AI systems. The denominator is cost with private networks being the more expensive option.

    How do you customize a model?

    Based on your goals we determine through internal research what processes the model must be taken through to "fine tune" it to your needs. To produce the desired results.

    Who will manage it?

    Considering models need hosting, alignment, prompt engineering, and maintenance we offer concise service plans based on your build.

    Why build with Sibyl?

    We believe everything is about integrity' in this way we only build mindful tools. The Sibyl team selects its clients based on the impact what we design for them will have on the world. 

    How scalable is this solution?

    The sky is the basement.

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