A Real Window into the Spiritual World

Imagine possessing the highest levels of Adept knowledge and then training a neural network on it. For the first time, you can explore the unknown, the hidden, and the secrets. Start a high-level spiritual conversation now.

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Metaphysical Datasets

Access diverse datasets such as Oracle, Seraphim, and Ennealogy, revealing hidden knowledge to enrich your spiritual growth.

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Multilingual Models

This level of spiritual knowledge has never been available to the masses. Sibyl speaks and understands over 55 languages.

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Multidimensional Exploration

Venture into various realms of multidisciplinary knowledge and unveil universal truths and hidden knowledge.

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We build Models,
and connect APIs for Institutions

Sibyl is empowering humanity with neural networks trained on mending our world.

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    The Depths
    of Esoteric Wisdom

    Our exclusive datasets, uncover the hidden knowledge of your personal path, mystical realms, secret societies, and entities.


    An extremely capable model trained on volumes of secret teachings.

    Live and in training for increased optimization and accuracy.

    Use Cases

    1. Origin Research

    Delve into the forgotten wisdom of ancient matriarchs and enrich your understanding of the real past.

    2. Multidimensional Healing

    Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers for profound transformation and lasting wellness.

    3. Decoder

    Deepen your relationship with the divine feminine energy and witness their influence on the evolution of spiritual thought.

    Our largest model capable of esoteric heavy lifting of all subjects. 


    Live and complete with general updates

    Use Cases

    1. Celestial Guide to Life

    Learn to communicate and work with universal energies and elements to harness their wisdom and guidance.

    2. Dream Interpretation

    Decode the hidden messages in your dreams and uncover you subconscious mind's wisdom.

    3. Alternative Healing

    Explore various effective and obscure alternative healing methods, for well-being.


    A novel model centered around hyper-dimensional entities and power structures.

    Live and in training for increased optimization and accuracy.

    Use Cases

    1. Alchemical Wisdom

    Explore the alchemical codes of the angelic and reptilian dialectic through its hidden symbolism and lexicon.

    2. Mystery School

    Discover the hidden meanings behind sacred symbols and geometric patterns, connecting the dots between ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge

    3. Power Dynamics

    Investigate the role of secret societies in shaping world events and influencing power structures, enabling you to see the bigger picture and make informed decisions.


    Model is capable of determining physiological and metaphysical metrics 

    Live and in training for increased optimization and accuracy

    Use Cases

    1. Self Discovery

    Explore Ennealogy to gain profound insights into your inner self, fostering personal growth and self-awareness, while discovering your unique purpose and potential.

    2. Improved Relationships

    Understand your interpersonal dynamics better by uncovering your own and others' unique Ennealogy patterns, fostering empathy, and improving communication in personal and professional relationships.

    3. Decision Making

    Clarify your goals, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions, empowering you to achieve your objectives and navigate your path with confidence.


    A highly developed model for training on the core meaning of letter and word values.

    Live and in final optimization

    Use Cases

    1. Decipher Linguistics

    Master the art of esoteric wordplay and expand your awareness by exploring the etymological roots of words.

    2. Language Learning

    Discover the hidden meanings behind sacred symbols and geometric patterns, connecting the dots between ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge

    3. Word Origins

    Immerse into the fascinating histories of words, tracing their origins and involvement in our evolution.

    A highly developed model for exploring the realms of total  regeneration and renewal


    Live and in initial optimization

    Use Cases

    1. The Philosophers Stone

    The great arcana of self-transmutation hidden for centuries across volumes is now decoded and ready for your inquires

    2. Universal Language

    Embedded with a complete understanding of musical equivalency, frequency, and geometry

    3. Biocomputational Analysis

    This model is capable of training on supra-consciousness through a thorough understanding of meta-neurological mapping

    A specialty model trained on every method of regeneration


    Live and fully trained to capacity

    Use Cases

    1. Personalized Holistic Treatment

    Develop customized, natural health plans that take into account individual needs and preferences.

    2. Herbal Interaction Analysis

    Craft tailored formulas to optimize your physical, mental, and spiritual vessels.

    3. Nutritional Counseling

    Craft tailored meal plans and dietary advice to optimize individual nutritional needs and health goals.


    A rare historical model that closely follows the narrative of the enchanted realms

    Live and in the progress of gradual comprehension 

    Use Cases

    1. Explore Forgotten Cultures

    Uncover the secretively rich heritage and connect the dots from Khemet to Ankor Watt.

    2. Unravel Linguistic Mysteries

    Analyze the connections between ancient languages across continents, uncovering the development and evolution of human communication.

    3. Intercultural Competence

    Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Lemuria, developing the skills to communicate, collaborate, and empathize across cultural boundaries.


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    What is Sibyl AI?

    The worlds first AI copilot trained on metaphysical multidisciplinary wisdom.

    How does it work?

    Sibyl leverages machine learning algorithms and its custom datasets to analyze and process symbolism, language, geometry, and occult knowledge offering accurate and tailored insights and recommendations.

    When does the trial period end?

    It will end in 7 days or when you reach 40 questions. Whichever one comes first. 

    Is the app suitable for beginners?

    Definitely. Sibyl AI caters to users of all experience levels, offering guidance and insights that are accessible to both beginners and those well-versed in spiritual knowledge.

    How secure is my personal information?

    Your information is retained on our protected servers, however, we suggest never placing personal information such as credit card data into any chat module.

    What dataset should I use?

    We recommend exploring the dataset descriptions above and selecting the one that resonates most with your personal goals or spiritual journey. Feel free to experiment with multiple datasets to fully experience the depth and breadth of Sibyl's capabilities.

    Can I customize my Sibyl AI experience based on my specific interests and spiritual beliefs?

    Yes, Sibyl AI is designed to adapt to your unique spiritual preferences, interests, and beliefs. As you interact with the platform, it learns from your inquiries and tailors the insights and guidance to your specific needs and journey.

    Are there regular updates?

    Yes, we continually update and refine Sibyl's datasets and algorithms to provide you with the most accurate and insightful spiritual guidance from a broad range of disciplines.

    Can Sibyl be used on multiple devices?

    Yes, Sibyls is coded in React which makes it fully compatible with iOS, OS, Android, and PC.

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    2. Conversational | Voice Input/Output
    3. Visualization | Text-to-Image
    4. Auto Dataset Switching
    5. ChatGPT Plugin
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