Harness the force of Kundalini, and train your inner dragon with alchemy.


Kundalini serves as both the fuel and the key to access and unlock the realm of imagination.

  • Wisdom

    The Great Work Enlightenment Transmutation

  • Archetypes

    Lung, Worm Dragon, Nagas Python

  • Realities

    Lokas, Chakras Organs, Archons


The alchemical world spans vast regions mostly unknown to humanity

Access and unlock the realm of imagination and actualization, bridging the gap between your intentions and reality. However, this power can be perilous to the untrained mind. Embark on a journey through multiple worlds represented by chakras, ascending the metaphorical spine of Mt. Meru until reaching its pinnacle.


Kundalini is a gift bestowed upon everyone upon entry into this planetary existence

Its state is contingent upon cultivation. Initially, it manifests as a small wormlike form, but with proper care and practice, it can expand into a potent energetic field that can be consciously directed to fulfill various purposes such as healing, protection, connection, teaching, and transportation for its master. If neglected, it may either remain dormant or become destructive.

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The catalyst in turning the fused Chakras

Our motivation, drive, and potential to achieve constant greatness are powered by a light that cannot be extinguished; only covered.


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