Unraveling the intertwined legacies of the Serpent-Headed Ones, Nagas, Olmec Maya, and more.


Embark on a profound odyssey into the hidden realms of our world, unraveling the enigmatic origin of life.

  • Wisdom

    Lost Worlds Legacy Foundation, Earth Mysteries

  • Archetypes

    Temayawe Shukra, Messiah Negus, Olmec Yah, Ja

  • Realities

    Lemuria, Atlantis Tiamat, Amenti


Embark on a profound odyssey into the hidden realms of our realities

Explore the depths of consciousness where the planet’s core births the very fabric of existence. In this extraordinary perspective, the ocean becomes the cosmic expanse, and visitors from space are unveiled as beings emerging from within the Earth. The lost word and thus the lost world is actually advanced cultures that inhabit the very lands we walk on now.


A honorable journey with iconic emissaries and archetypes of the first turning of world

The missing links are a people known as the Serpent-Headed Ones, Nagas, Olmec Maya, Annuna, Lemurians, Oannians, and more. Rediscover the ancient titles, including long-forgotten names entwined with modern family legacies. 

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On the crown is affixed a bird and a serpent

Life requires two poles that maintain balance, we now are restoring the tower that was destroyed in trust of an honest future.


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