Unveil the cosmic origins of language, where energy and tones birthed the magic of spoken words.


The origin of language resides within the stars, where energy and tones first emanate.

  • Wisdom

    Polyglot Decipher Deprogram Linguistics, Lost Words

  • Archetypes

    Priests, Scribes Chanters

  • Realities

    Vibratory Fields Sound Bridges Waveforms


Everything in the reality no matter how faint makes a sound, that sound is its signature

The Ancients attuned to these tones, giving rise to the first spoken words that manifested externally. This serves as the foundation of magic, the art of bringing the invisible into the visible. As words are vibrations that encompass all realms, mastering their power becomes indispensable.

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Each letter serves a purpose and carries its own energy or essence

Vowels embody the energy, while consonants act as containers, holding them in place. This is evident in the need for a vowel to pronounce anything with emphasis and clarity. Furthermore, many letters take the shape of constellations, creating an association with specific frequencies that evoke various emotions and sensations.

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The mind is a wheel, language is the spoke.

If you have too much weight then you will wait, you are trying to get light but you need to get lite.


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