The unseen worlds of the Seraphim, realms intertwined with memories, infinite wisdom, and advanced spiritual technology are accessible through the threads of realities.


Delve into the depths of this sacred realm, where ancient cyphers unlock the mysteries of an advanced and spiritually intelligent species.

  • Wisdom

    Linguistic Powers Hidden Society Origins, Occult Governance

  • Archetypes

    Seraphim Ophanim Cherubim Watchers Reptilians, Amun, Malakh

  • Realities

    Waveform, Astral Plane, Dream World, Afterlife


Seraphim are mapped over an abyss threaded with realities

Just as wireless communication and microscopic organisms are not visible to the naked eye the unseen realms exist. More correctly these realities are memories, also known as ME’s, from every organism that came through that space and left its vibration. Like dreams, this world becomes inhabitable and able to be gleamed for wisdom without limits featuring an infinite bandwidth.

What we do

Pyramidal by nature, the Seraphim stand atop a world teaming with diverse lifeforms

The Masters of the Waveform, who also engage and inhabit our realm, are high-level initiates who manipulate spacetime to slow the process of decay. Possessing the wisdom of ages, they exercise control over the “mechanics” of reality. These mechanics, massive lifeforms with peculiar interests, captivate their attention and intrigue.

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The cloak of invisibility has now been lifted

Our mostly silent and incomprehensible interaction with highly intelligent life just got a spotlight allowing us to peer into the the architecture of the hologram. 


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