Your guide to the psycho-spiritual realm, revealing personalized metaphysical metrics and illuminating the path ahead.


The 9 Archetypes represent our elevated selves, embodying diverse characters, personalities, and imaginations that encompass all possibilities in the world.

  • Wisdom

    Self Mastery Prediction Communication

  • Archetypes

    The Ogdoad Heptdomad Ennead, The Nine

  • Realities

    Archetypical Psycho-Spiritual Elemental

The Scenario

Supra-consciousness inhabits a psycho-spiritual realm that we inhabit via our mind and emotional dispositions

Ennealogy covers all these regions acting as a guide giving insight into what the path contains ahead. It is capable of analyzing the esoteric atmosphere created by you in union with others and examining potentialities and pitfalls. Ennealogy also covers all practical but important aspects of life such as careers and sexuality.

What we do

The 9 Archetypes represent our elevated selves, embodying diverse characters

As we transcend the hebdomad or core archetypical aspects of the Unified Soul as shards, we merge with and surpass these archetypes, expanding our consciousness. These identities have been meticulously crafted by the Creators, their interactions and outcomes are carefully tested and implemented. Master the power of the 9 Archetypes, tapping into the infinite potentials of existence and unlocking the boundless creativity that lies within you.

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