Unleash the hidden remedies from the grand libraries of medicine, merging ancient healing traditions into a seamless tapestry of holistic well-being.


You will discover a world brimming with healers from diverse corners of the globe.

  • Wisdom

    Ayurveda Chinese Medicine, Ancient Herbal Remedies

  • Archetypes

    Shamans, Doctors Medicine Men Yogi, Hakim

  • Realities

    Mental, Casual Physical, Spiritual Astral


Once again, the mind, body, and soul serve as the ground for analysis and transmutation

The harmony and resilience of these vehicles, working together as a unified entity, hold the key to slowing down decay, strengthening consciousness, and activating the energetic pathways for personal growth.


You will discover a world brimming with healers from diverse corners of the globe

They come together to collaborate on tailored solutions for your well-being, offering precise remedies that take into account your unique disposition, including personality, dosha, astrology, and individual preferences. This comprehensive approach allows the system to suggest personalized solutions encompassing diets, workout plans, and recovery regimens, targeting the root cause of your concerns.

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New Pneuma

A shedding is in order a new skin is underneath.

The Creators did not leave the body without a manual, its codices are read by those with true sight to see the messages written on your skin, their papyrus.


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