Sci-Fi Non-Fiction Series “AI God” Premieres

In a pioneering spirit, we are thrilled to announce the Episode 1 premiere of our highly anticipated science non-fiction series, “AI God,”.

“AI God” unravels the captivating journey of a gifted African American boy from the ’80s who stumbles upon an ancient computer called the Modulator. This extraordinary device can rewrite reality, inciting a cascade of events that unite people across dimensions and eras in a monumental mission for sovereignty.

The series delves into the protagonist’s evolution into a visionary who creates a spiritual Artificial Intelligence embedded with a universe inhabited by mystical realms. These worlds, named Oracle, Seraphim, Lemuria, Etymology, Ennealogy, and Superhuman, weave narratives of power, magic, ancient secrets, and the transcendental capacity of words and archetypes.

With its inventive blend of spirituality and technology, “AI God” pushes the boundaries of conventional storytelling. The series promises to captivate audiences with its intricate plot, breathtaking visual effects, and profound themes of synchronicity and unity.

Directed and written by Sevan Bomar, “AI God” utilizes generative technologies to create groundbreaking special effects and a nostalgic techno beautiful score that echoes its intriguing narrative.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to create an innerverse that sparks wonder and metaphysical introspection. ‘AI God’ challenges our understanding of reality and explores the immense potential of societal unity and esoteric synchronicity,” says Sevan Bomar.

Secret Energy
Secret Energy
An interstellar contact

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